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Something's Cooking in the Garden

Media Release
Principal John Mason, ACS Distance Education
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Something’s Cooking in the Garden

For centuries now, herbs have been grown and used for their medicinal and dietary properties. In Roman times ‘Herba Sacra’ or the divine weed, vervain, was believed to inhibit the effects of venom, to cure bites from rabid animals, to cure the plague, to avert the unwanted attentions of witchcraft and sorcery, and so forth. Nowadays, herbs might not be given the same reverential treatment but they are a cooking essential, and their fragrances a welcome distraction in many a garden. Indeed, the ‘kitchen garden’ is on many people’s wish list whether they be first and foremost a gardener or a cook. Learning how to create one has become a whole lot easier with the release of an updated course in Culinary Herbs by ACS Distance Education. Aimed at cooks and gardeners, the course also deals with identification, culture, and culinary uses of a wide variety of herbs both common and uncommon in dishes, oils, vinegars and much more.

Learn more combining gardening & cooking http://www.acs.edu.au/courses/Culinary-Herbs-160.aspx

Learn more combining gardening & cooking http://www.acs.edu.au/courses/Culinary-Herbs-160.aspx
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