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Join the Innovation Revolution

Join the innovation revolution


Australians come from all corners of the world; with varied backgrounds. Even those born in Australia, come from wide and far, across a geographically and culturally  diverse country who have been educated in different education systems operated by different countries.


This wonderful diversity of backgrounds has bred creativity and innovation that stands out from many other nations around the world.


In the modern world of education, the Bologna Process makes an assumption that a more uniform and coherent education system is a good thing.


“This may be the case if your aim is to better manage delivery, assessment and even graduates. It’s always less chaotic to organise a few hundred people who are all alike and heading in the same direction - just like with sheep,” says John Mason, ACS Distance Education principal and founder.


“When it comes to education though, I would contend that a little chaos can be a good thing.


“If you produce graduates who head out in a dozen different directions with all sorts of different perspectives and varied mixes of skills and knowledge, you will no doubt be exploring areas that might never be touched by the group who all have the same education and approach to problems (and career paths) with a similar mind set following similar paths.”


Mr Mason suggests people need to take stock and decide whether they want an education system that is easier for the politicians and bureaucrats to control, or one that is a little chaotic, ignores the Bologna Process, sets our country apart from the rest of the world and helps us retain the level of innovation and creativity that has served us so well in the past.


“With this in mind, ACS has created a system of education that provides for greater diversity,” says Mr Mason.


“By providing a different education to main stream vocational colleges and universities, we are able to differentiate our graduates and give them real life advantages over graduates from more traditional institutions.”

He says these differences are pursued without compromising academic excellence.


“In principle we favour experiential learning and problem based learning rather than CBT (Competency Based Training).

The ACS philosophy is that learning is more important than assessment.


ACS Distance Education and its tutors have always been active in industry. Maintaining an awareness of current information and trends enable course notes and services to students to be kept up to date and relevant. ACS students are learning from people who are ‘doing’ what the students are studying on a daily basis.


To allow students more diversification in their studies, ACS offers around 400 courses, comprising of a combinations of higher qualifications and 300 short courses or modules (usually around 100 hours in duration). These modules can be taken as stand alone courses, or they can be combined to create a formal qualification that meets very specific needs or interests.


“Assessment should be provided more to enhance the learning experience, and less to rank students,” says Mr Mason.

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