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Learning- Tips and insights for more successful study

Learning- Tips and insights for more successful study Learning- Tips and insights for more successful study is a newly published ebook written by John Mason and staff to provide an essential toolbox to help you learn more effectively. Covering four main areas, including, How people learn?, What to Learn?, Why Learn? and How to Learn Successfully?, this ebook is a must have for anyone who is studying or planning to return to study. The Learning ebook can be a great aid to help parents guide their children when studying or even for teachers or tutors. The ebook uses many learning theories to explain the different ways in which people learn and retain information. It helps you understand the different ways that people learn and helps you identify the most effective ways that you learn. For example, some people find academic studying easier than others, whilst some people will find observational or experiential learning more beneficial than others. By understanding yourself and how you learn best, you can make the most suitable decisions about how you should study. For more information on the ebook, please visit our bookshop: http://www.acsbookshop.com/products/2303-learning-tips-ebook.aspx Here’s an overview of the Learning ebook content: Chapter 1- How people learn? Understand the theory that underpins learning. When you understand how different people learn in different ways, you can then start to see how a course may be suitable for someone. Some people may learn better through an experiential or problem based learning course, while others may be suited to a competency based training style of course. Some may learn better through self paced home study; while others may be better in a classroom. Chapter 2- What to Learn? There is little point in studying things you don’t need to learn nor have the capability or desire to learn. Sometimes you may need to learn things you do not particularly want to learn; but there comes a point at which making the right choices about what you learn, will become critical to learning successfully. Chapter 3- Why Learn? The world is continually changing; and people need to adapt to change; and adaptation requires continuous learning throughout your entire life. Chapter 4- How to Learn Successfully? This chapter reveals a wealth of practical ideas and tips for learning; everything from different ways to memorize facts through to creating the right physical learning environment. It helps you understand and set achievable goals and shows you ways to better manage your study time, and prepare for exams.
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