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Trees Counter Global Warming

Trees to Counteract Global Warming


May 2007 - Today the issue of global warming is constantly in the news, and more of us are asking ourselves, ‘What can we do to help’? One significant action we can take is to plant trees, or at least, take care of the trees already growing around us.


Trees are the lungs of the earth; they turn carbon dioxide in our atmosphere (much of which is caused through pollution) into pure oxygen. The forests of the world contribute to the keeping the planet cool. The immense volume of leaves in a forest creates rain through evaporation of moisture off their surface, and this also helps prevent global warming.


Also, thoughtful planting of trees can help prevent floods, stabilize ground-water and river-banks, and discourage soil erosion. In fact, they actually increase soil volume through the decay of leaves and branches.  Some tree species are also used to extract contaminants from polluted areas.


Some things you can do now:

When you replace problem trees, choose trees more suitable for that location.

Maintain the trees on your property or under your care in good health.

Plant trees to protect your house from strong afternoon sun, rather than turning on the air conditioning.

Choose trees wisely so that they suit the location, and do not have to be removed later.

Ask your local council to plant trees along streets and parking lots. Paved areas reflect lots of heat.

Ask neighbours to join a tree-planting project, to provide welcome shade and beauty.

Ask your children’s school plant more trees around playing areas - good for children and the planet.

Take a course on global warming, or a related subject, and become informed.


Sadly, deforestation has removed a vast amount of the earth’s forests. While much ongoing deforestation is motivated by greed, many of the world’s problems have come about through ignorance rather than malice. Therefore, to prevent further damage, and before we can truly make an effective contribution, we need to acquire knowledge. When we really understand what trees do, and how we can use them to help heal the earth, we can make better decisions and take specific action to help reduce global warming.


Today, there are more study options than ever. Even if you are working full time, or unable to attend classes, you can become informed. Distance education offers the freedom to study at your convenience, and often costs less than class studies. Many good courses are available, such as the short course Trees For Rehabilitation offered by ACS Distance Education, who has been offering environmental and horticulture courses for around thirty years.


With so many distance courses available, there is no reason to remain uninformed about global warming, trees, and how they help protect and heal our planet. Meanwhile, welcome more trees into your life and your neighbourhood. Don’t think that you can’t make a real difference. You can!


Staff - ACS Distance Education

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