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Back Care Training




Most people have experienced back pain at some point in their lives. Yet curiously, the understanding and management of back pain still remains largely in the hands of health professionals.


Back injuries are one of the most common and debilitating afflictions of modern times.  For many people, the options for care, pain relief and rehabilitation are confusing or unknown.  Understanding the jargon in medical reports is often impossible.  Even those lucky enough to have avoided back problems have wondered how to keep it that way.


There are actually many ways to manage and prevent back pain, and a new 25 hour short course written by the qualified health scientists at ACS Distance Education is an effective introduction.


Over a 25 hour course you will study three comprehensive lessons covering:


o                          Relevant medical terminology

o                          Musculoskeletal structures

o                          Preventative back care

o                          Common back injuries

o                          Immediate and long term rehabilitative care options.


Relevant tasks and assignment questions focus on learning, not assessment, and give students the chance to test and apply their knowledge.

For More Advanced Studies:
ACS also offers a range of other more advanced courses that can help with understanding the back and it's care including: Muscles & Movement, and Bioenergetics.



You do not have to be studying a diploma to receive full student service benefits from ACS.  Your tutor will be a qualified health science professional, and you still receive access to our comprehensive range of student services.


Bad Back?

Can’t understand your medical reports?

Want to learn how to prevent back injury?

Health professional wanting to better assist your clients?


More Information:

Online: www.acs.edu.au

Phone: 07 55 621008

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