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Become a Consultant



Almost all of us have expertise or qualifications in some particular area.  But have you ever wondered why some people manage to use their expertise to start a successful business, while other more skilled people work as employees struggling to make ends meet?


We come out of university as qualified biologists, lawyers, doctors, accountants, scientists, journalists and artists.  We dream of starting up our own clinics, practices, businesses, having time, money, changing the face of the planet with our innovative ideas.  Then we are set loose on the world and suddenly find ourselves staring at the Positions Vacant column in the paper, because we don’t know what else to do.  Even after gaining years of experience we stay as undervalued, underpaid employees because starting up our own practice seems all too hard. We just cannot see a clear pathway.


But the difference between successful consultant with his/her own business and the struggling employee is often little more than personality, knowledge and action.


To take the next step, you need to know where to go and what to do.  With a little guidance in the right direction, an understanding of marketing principles and a willingness to take action, you could make the transfer from employee to a successful consultant. 


Why would you want to do that?  For starters, some advantages of your own consulting business are potentially unlimited income, time flexibility and much greater job satisfaction. 


The most important thing to understand is that clients are buying ‘you’ as a person, every bit as much as they are buying your expertise.  Being able to sell yourself is more crucial than ever in this world.  Image, personality, marketing, networking and contacts, are all words that greatly influence business success. 


If you have expertise in a particular area and want to start your own consulting business, but are unsure of where to begin, ACS Distance education offers a step by step guide called Professional Practice for Consultants.  The course covers everything from planning and setting up your consultancy, to acquiring clients, networking, marketing and maintenance.


Check out this course and other sales/marketing courses under the Business Courses section at: www.acs.edu.au/courses   
or Phone 07 5562 1088  for more information

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