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Eclectic Gardening


How to have a very unique garden

Eclectic means “a mixture of styles”.

The freedom to mix styles gives an eclectic designer great freedom; but with that freedom comes a huge risk. When you create an eclectic garden, you are largely working outside the ‘normal’ rules that govern the way a garden might be created. For example, when you design a formal garden, you are attempting to keep lines clean, and creating a symmetrical balance between the features in the garden. With a natural garden, you are aiming to do the opposite – that is, you are avoiding symmetrical balance and hard, clean lines. In an eclectic garden, however, you are attempting to mix styles and avoiding any one particular style becoming dominant.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

When it all boils down, visitors come and go, but you are the one who lives with your garden.

You should realise that no matter what type of garden you create, some visitors will love it, and for others, it will simply be “not their style”. You should create an environment that excites and stimulates you; and the way to do this is to include all of those things that you love to look at and be around. If that involves being eclectic, then don’t hesitate – be eclectic and have fun.

Beware A Lack of Contrast

Diversity is everywhere in an eclectic garden, because there are no limitations as to what can be included. For example, classical Greek statues and oriental Chinese lanterns can both be used in the one area. There is, however, a danger that with excessive diversity, nothing will stand out. In order to create a feature in any garden, you must have an object (living or non living) that contrasts with its surroundings. If everything is spectacular, then there may be nothing for the spectacular features to contrast with.

Cottage Garden Meets Junk Yard in Denver

The owners of this small home garden in Denver, Colorado, have created garden features from things that most people would throw away. With imagination and artistic flair, amidst a mass of plants, they have combined a wide variety of materials to create features that are unique and intriguing.

This garden is an inspiration for any aspiring eclectic gardener.

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