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Designing for Inside Effect


Gardens should be created not just for their impact when you're outside!
Most people in fact spend a great deal of time looking out to their garden from inside the house; and good design should always take this into account.

You can make a garden seem bigger by creating the illusion that something beyond the garden is within your property. Alternatively, you can make the garden seem as though it is inside the house.


*Knock out a wall of the house and put in a big window

*Cut plants back from windows so you can see out… maximize ability to see the garden from the house.

*Re-develop the garden/prune, plant etc, to create vistas from the house.

*Position features (fountain, statue, Tromp l’oeil, Mirror etc) that can be seen better or with more effect from in the house.

*Remove curtains / replace frosted glass to improve view outside; then build a fence outside to maintain privacy.

*Think about having a shower and being able to look straight into the garden… can be a great feeling, as long as people walking down the street can’t see in as easily as you can see out!

*Put one way mirrors into windows

*Add garden lighting outside so you have a picture to look at in the garden at night.

*Place plants with large leaves in the foreground and plants with small leaves in the background. This will create the illusion of depth.

*The illusion of depth can also be created by having light coloured foliage in the foreground and dark foliage as a backdrop.


Think about the type of room and the type of view you get from that room...

*What outside view do you want to be looking at when you're eating a meal, lying in bed, sitting at a desk, etc?

*How does the colour scheme in the room fit with the view from that room?

*How does the style of the room fit with the view? (You don’t want to be sitting in a conservatively furnished room looking out at an ultra modern, minimalist garden.)

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