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Water-Another Dimension

Add another dimension to your garden with water.

Water features are an indispensable element of a well-designed garden. Large or small, ornate or simple, water features add a special dimension to outdoor spaces. A well-chosen water feature can create a restful and tranquil feel or provide a sense of drama and interest.

Even small gardens can have a water feature. It may be difficult to provide more than half to one square metre of water surface, but even that can make a great feature.


Everyone has a different reason for having a water garden. As long as your reason is valid, and you design to accommodate that reason, water will become a valued component in your garden.

The scale and style of water gardens is almost limitless, ranging from small courtyard wells or water sculptures, to tranquil backyard goldfish ponds, through to large fountains, dramatic cascades and large formal swimming pools.

When deciding on the size of the water garden, you will also need to think about affordability, how much water is available, and what will be aesthetically appropriate and in harmony with the site.

Depending on the theme or style of your garden you might decide to have straight edged or geometrical designs for a formal garden, smooth curved designs for a modern garden, or irregular shaped designs for less formal and natural style gardens. You might have a single pond, a series of ponds with water cascading from one to another, or perhaps ponds linked to each other by narrow waterways.


There are many different ways of developing a water garden, but whatever you do always do it systematically. Here's one way:

· Consider the practical and aesthetic purposes you wish to achieve.

· Consider what type of water garden fulfils your needs.

· Decide on the size, shape and location.

· Decide on the type of construction (ie. the way it will be built).

· Decide on the surrounds – how will you landscape it?

Article by John Mason Dip.Hort.Sc.FIOH Principal ACS Distance Education

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